About Ed Wehnes

Ed Wehnes Ed has been working as risk management professional for 18 years in amongst others the manufacturing of high grade steel pressure vessels, marine industry, the oil and gas & petro chemical industry, on production and drilling rigs as Risk - HSE Manager during major overhauls for Shell – NAM in the Dutch, English and Norwegian continental shelf and an extended period as marine engineer both merchant as well as the Dutch Royal Navy. Ed has worked for amongst others Vestas Offshore for the two Dutch offshore wind parks PAWP and OWEZ and was involved in Design Risk Assessment of wind turbine generators and performed assessments on marine equipment and was dedicated Risk - HSSE manager in contract negotiations with Blighbank [Belwind] the offshore wind development in the Belgium EEZ. In Germany Ed was involved in the feed study for offshore wind development for EnbW on offshore windparks Hochsee Windpark 'He dreiht' and Hochsee Windpark 'Nordsee' as Risk-HSSE advisor and for Trianel on Borkum West II (former WPD concession) as Risk - HSSE manager were he implemented the offshore HSSE Management system. Ed has worked as HSSE Design coordinator on the development of the offshore wind farm DanTysk which is located in the German EEZ and involved 80 WTG of 3.6 Megawatt. He has been part of the negotiation team of the developer Vattenfall Germany. For the Belgium offshore wind developers Eldepasco Ed developed and HSSE offshore Management system and for a major onshore wind turbine manufacturer he reviewed the Risk - HSSE management system and performed a gap analysis with respect to local law. Ed has worked on an EU study to ascertain the feasibility of alternative fuels for the shipping industry. Ed has worked as HSSE manager for an offshore development project executed for the Dutch government agency AgentschapNL in the investigation of alternative fuels. Ed was team leader in developing HSSE standards for the EWEA. Ed was mentor of the Design team on a Design Risk assessment of a 7 Mw offshore wind turbine and consequently setting up a HSMS management system and supporting the largest turbine developers in South Korea, Samsung Heavy Industries. Ed has been working as Principal Contractor in the United Kingdom for the design, construction and installation of two 110 metres high wind measurement masts for the coast of Scotland for Samsung Heavy Industries. The last year Ed worked for a.o. Ballast Nedam offshore as HSSE Manager for several projects and was managing several HSSE Officers and HSSE client representatives on board multiple ships deployed in the projects. Currently Ed gives master classes in HSSE in international context to HSSE managers in the industry, is working as a broker in renewable energy and owns several companies in the Netherlands and participates in numerous companies in four countries.
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