Costa Renewables is your one stop shop when you decide to take your building off the grid. You own a house or a large building and you want to generate your own electricity? Costa Renewables can offer you solar and wind solutions. You own a hotel or a resort and you want to manage your water resources? Costa Renewables can advise you on water collection and purification.

Costa Renewables was found in 2007 in Costa Rica, the front runner country in renewable energy. Our team of professionals has been involved in over 150 international projects varying from offshore wind case study support to the brokerage of an onshore windfarm.

Costa Renewables offers full consultancy and brokering services in order to create full independence from utilities for any building, big or small, residential, commercial or in the hospitality industry.


We are dedicated to the delivery of high quality, high efficiency solar panels and lithium batteries. We also provide rural or industry grade wind turbine generators.


Together with our partner Agua del Cielo we deliver the rainwater to drinking water system (WHO certified). With our partner Admiraal Energy Solutions we provide Energy storage systems from 100KWh and higher. Our circulair sewage treatment plants take circulair waste water to a new technology frontier.

Together, we create perfect solutions, customized to your needs. Creating independence from utilities. When called upon, we will completely unburden you until your project is off the grid.


Costa Renewables unburdens their clients in taking their building off grid by:

– Consultancy and brokerage of possible solutions.
– Getting the installations on the right location.
– Installation.
– Maintaining the installations.

Costa Renewables is currently represented in Costa Rica, Mozambique, Portugal and Spain but is always looking for representation in other countries.

Costa Renewables is your one stop shop if you want to take your building off the grid


We unburden our clients

We offer Costa Clarity: we say what we do and we do what we say. Our desire is to unburden clients and to do so, it is important to be transparent and offer clarity. It is also important to finish what we started and to deliver aftercare. We are part of the Renewable Global Network which means we are able to provide support globally with local expertise on short notice.

Managing Independence made easy


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