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Risk Mitigator

Risk mitigatorOur combined experience gained over the past decades while working on different renewable projects has enabled us to identify the possible risks at each stage of a project. With these combined lessons learned we can advise our clients at an early stage on the possible risks ahead and facilitate in a cost-efficient and timely execution of a project.

The lessons learned in on- and offshore wind projects from the past 15 years have been collected in one large database. Costa Renewables has processed and translated these lessons learned by carefully identifying and categorising the risks at the individual stages of a project. The data has now been made available to clients in a user friendly online risk mitigation application, the Risk Mitigator.

The Risk Mitigator offers renewable project developers the ideal tool to create hands-on solutions to mitigate risks whether they are still only at the conception phase of a project, selecting the project location, at the tendering, the financing, the construction, or the Operation & Maintenance phase.

Costa Renewables is constantly updating the Risk Mitigator with new data, ensuring an up to date online tool that reflects real time situations. In the future the Risk Mitigator will also be expanded with data from the other renewable energy sectors.

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