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Costa Renewables is currently working on a variety of renewable projects world wide. Find below a summary of some of the projects. Keep an eye on our news section for the latest updates.


Client: Mega Windforce

Costa Renewables is exclusive sales representative for Dutch inventors group Mega Windforce who have developed a game changing, patented wind turbine technology. Using a combination of proven technologies placed in a no-axis configuration, the MWF turbine will provide clean energy against highly competitive prices against fossil fuels. The MWF turbine can be largely constructed from carbon fibre which provides significant reduction in weight and in maintenance and guarantees therefore, a longer lifespan. The MWF technology will soon enter the B-design certification process. Some key facts:

  • 80% weight reduction
  • 50% reduction in LCOE (depending wind area)
  • low maintenance
  • subsidy independent

For more information on participation options contact:

Ed Wehnes +31 6 53158072

For more information on the MWF technology, visit their website.


Client: Ventolines

For an offshore windfarm in the Netherlands Costa Renewables provides, amongst others;

  • Risk Management services (HSE)
  • Marine equipment ‘fit-for-purpose’ inspections
  • Tender and documentation support

Client: Oil & gas company

For an oil & gas company in Europe Costa Renewables provided safety inspections on several offshore platforms.


Client: Romanian developer

Costa Renewables is providing brokering services for a Romanian wind energy development.


Client: Dutch solar developer

HSE activities for a solar project in the Netherlands.


Training & speeches

Costa Renewables has in the past provided trainings and speeches on the following topics:

  • Risk Management (eg.  Fleming Europe, North Sea Offshore)
  • Health & Safety (eg. RenewableUK)
  • Company tailored in-house trainings

Contact us if you wish to learn more on our training and speaker possibilities.

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