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Amidst a growing global population, global pollution and dependency on conventional energy resources there has never been more need for green energy than now. More and more countries are realising this need for development of renewable energy such as solar, wind, wave and tidal and thermal energy and are committing themselves to renewable targets.

Developing a renewable project can however be a lengthy and cost-intensive process, sometimes to be executed in circumstances where economical and political stability is not guaranteed. Cost reduction has to be achieved in order to be able to compete with conventional energy resources, while at the same time guaranteeing a safe and timely execution of a project.

Ed Wehnes, Costa Renewables’ Chief Executive Officer: “In their quest for providing us, their future generations, with all the economic and personal comfort they might have lacked themselves, our fathers and grandfathers have not considered enough the environmental impact of their actions. Now it is our generation’s responsibility to make amends and leave our future generations with a planet in which there is once again synergy between nature and us humans. We need to move away from exhausting the natural resources that are, still yet, available to us. Using the inexhaustible resources such as wind, waves, sun, and thermal heat is one way to get us closer in reaching this goal while continuing our energy consumption level, now and in the long term. We as Costa Renewables can contribute in accelerating this process by supporting renewable project developers in paving the way to get their projects become reality as efficiently possible. It is time for all of us to give back to our planet and we are proud to serve our clients in accomplishing that. Investing in renewable energy resources is simply an intelligent business model!”

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