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The idea for a renewable project or innovative concept can be born in a short matter of time. Translating an idea into a real business plan and getting the project or concept built and operational is an entirely different story. Projects go through several stages and each stage brings along its own challenges, financially and organisationally. Having the right contacts is vital to ensuring that no time is unnecessarily lost.

This is where Costa Renewables can unburden our clients! During our careers, the Costa Renewables team members have not only built up in-depth know-how of the planning and execution of a renewable project but has also enabled us to have worked with some of the main players in the industries. This has gained us a trustworthy reputation overtime.

Costa Renewables can therefore be the vital link between supply and demand. Our extensive network of some of the largest investment banks, private equity and pension funds enables us to connect our clients directly with the right financial partner, contributing to an efficient execution of their projects.


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